The present

Nowadays, the most significant business activity of VIPO a.s. is research, development and production of machines and electronic systems. During its existence, the range of machine-building products of the company transformed from machinery and equipment for the footwear industry into machine-technology systems for the preparation of tire components and machines for machining and mounting of commutator carbon brushes for electric motors.

Another important part of VIPO’s activity a.s. is chemical research and production wit specializing in rubber and adhesive chemistry. Chemical production of the company is concentrated mainly on hot melt, dispersion and solvent adhesives.

In 2012, the Department of Polymers and Testing and was established. In the field of testing, the Department focuses on assessing the conformity of personal protective equipment as Authorised and Notified Body to it. The Testing department is competent to test and evaluate the materials of the leather, gallantry, fur and shoe industry in accordance with the requirements of the relevant technical standards. The Testing laboratory and the Certification of products are accredited by the Slovak National Accreditation Service.

In the field of polymers, the Department of Polymers and Testing focuses on the research and development of natural polymers of plant and animal origin for industrial applications.