We care about the future of our environment

Water, air and soil. The elements whose quality affects the life of every human and the society as a whole. In VIPO a.s. we are not disregardful of the conditions we leave them in for the future generations. Our R&D team members successfully apply all of their knowledge and experience so that their results can be implemented in real world decreasing environmental pollution and increasing the quality of manufacturing processes.

We applied our effort to research and development of dispersions, colloids, hydrolysates and hydrogels for the pharmaceutical industry and medical cosmetics (industrial utility model #7244 – Polymeric dispersions based on animal proteins and lipids).

By researching the modification of characteristics of polymeric composites by bio-synthetic polymers, we contributed to ecologisation of the rubber and plastics industry (industrial utility model #5998 – Polymeric composites based on collagen).

The negative effect of chromic waste materials of the leather industry also affected (amongst others) the dumping site BABICA near Bošany. The main challenge we faced to was the chemical stabilization of Cr3+ (Patent #288363).


Since 2018 we have worked on following projects in cooperation with our partners:

We currently work on following projects: