Inspection Machines

Output – visual inspection and trimming of finished tires

The machine is intended for visual inspection inside and outside surface of TBR tires and removal of moulding´s defects. The double stand machine is operated by two individual operators and enables to inspect two tires simultaneously. The operator loads tire from the floor on the lifting unit and rotary shafts. Consequently, the machine lifts tire into the cutting and then inspected positions. The machine is controlled by recipe system and is equipped with artificial lightening for inside and outside tire area. Last generation of the machine is equipped with automatic bar code reading of tire with automatic setting of inspection height based upon the size of the inspected tire.


Tire diameter range:
15” – 24,5”
Tire weight:
max. 160 kg
Outside tire diameter:
600 - 1300 mm
Tire width:
max. 450 mm
Trimming rotation:
max. 120 RPM (22,5‘‘)