Lihexal 4

Single wire

Single Wire Quadruple Head Bead Winding Line

The line represents fully integrated system for the production of hexagonal bead wires from one rubberized wire. The state of the art generation of hardware and software integrated in the equipment offers the production of qualitative bead wires. The process of production is fully automated and only one operator is required for the line´s operation. The production of four beads at the same time, increases effectiveness and reduces costs of the production.


Number beads per cycle:
Inside bead diameter:
13‘‘ – 25‘‘
Max. bead size:
19 wires wide x 16 wires high
Blank wire diameter:
0,89 – 1,60 mm
Bead taper base:
0°- 15°
Inside bead diameter setting:
± 3 mm
Cycle time:
13‘‘ – 12,5 s (13 rotations)
16‘‘ – 13,5 s (16 rotations)
24‘‘ – 19,0 s (27 rotations)


Main parts