OP VaV Reinžiniering

„We support research activities in Slovakia / The project is co-financed from EU sources“

Operational Program:

Research & Development

Location of project implementation:

VIPO a.s., Gen. Svobodu 1069/4, 958 01 Partizánske, Trenčín District, Western Slovakia

Name of the project:

26220220091 Re-engineering of the VIPO a.s.

Project goal:

Enhance the applicant’s economic performance by acquiring the knowledge needed to significantly enhance its products in collaboration with academic research institutions.


VIPO a.s., Gen. Svobodu 1069/4, 958 01 Partizánske

Project start and end dates:

1. 5. 2010 – 30. 4. 2013

Managing authority:

Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic

The Operational Program “Research and Development”

Amount of contribution provided:
1 308 896,85 EUR