Multi wire

Multi Wire Bead Winding Line

The line is fully integrated system designed for manufacturing of rectangular or square beads from a rubber coated wires strips. The line is equipped with latest generation of HW & SW solutions ensure high capacity and quality production of beads for tire industry. The process is fully automated and operation of line requires one operator for full production.



Bead production:
square, rectangular and NBB
Number beads per cycle:
max. 8, (NBB – max. 10)
Bead diameter:
10“ – 25“
Max. bead size:
25 wires wide x 20 wires high
Blank wire diameter:
0,89 – 0,965 mm
Inside bead diameter setting:
± 3 mm
Reference cycle time:
16‘‘ - 5,0 s (5 rotations)


Main parts