The machine is intended for the fixation of the supply cable in carbon brush. The cooper supply cable is fixed in a hole drilled in the brush body with cooper dust rammed between the cable and the hole wall. Ramming is carried out by a ramming tube. Cooper dust is poured through a gap between the ramming tube and the bottom of shaped hopper into the hole drilled in the brush. The machine is controlled by control system facilitating simple and precise adjustment of the following:

The system controls the operating of the machine and display the code number of failure.


Cooper cable diameter:
0,5 - 6 mm
Cooper cable length:
20 - 250 mm
Ramming tube lift:
15 – 27 mm
Ramming tube frequency:
5 – 16 Hz
Cycle time:
3 – 8 s
Compressed working air pressure:
0,5 – 0,6 MPa
Air consumption:
40 l/min
Feeding voltage:
230V, 50 – 60 Hz
Ambient temperature:
5 – 40 °C
Machine size (L x W x H):
750 x 750 x 1750 mm
Machine weight:
185 kg